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This roadmap focus on features to implement at level.

1. Fix hypership tower UI

1.1 Fix JS code so we can scroll the page (see 1.3)
1.2 Thumbor instead of ImageMagick
1.3 Modernize Dojo
1.4 Add metadata

2. Fix hypership core UI

2.1 Deploy Hotglue on Docker
2.2 Add CSP frame-ancestor to iframes
2.3 Recreate a little bit some zones

3. Ships

3.1 Spatioport hook for the ships
3.2 Build a ship

4. Onboarding flow: from Zeta to Hypership

4.1 Workflow to request hypership shuttle
4.2 Handle permission to enter the hypership
4.3 Put a shuttle for hiring with a small mission on Zeta text adventure
4.4 Hypership bays as a spatiopart area (as a story?)
4.5 Switch travel rules to YAML - T104 (or fix the bugs in XML we've already fixed in YAML)

5. Power the hypership

5.0 Implement the corea area, as currently, (0,0,0) is a regular part of C2
5.1 Allow hypership navigation control from core

6. Items

6.1 A small item - something useful for developers like a back to hypership teleporter/recall stone
6.2 Implement a fun item - T102
6.3 Document how to create items and react to event like a character moving into a location where the object is
6.4 Attach items to locations or in other items (containers) or to characters (special containers like backpack/equipment)

7. Back to the tower

7.1 Living quarters: a personal home for each tower inhabitant to claim and build
7.2 Import collections - "can you put this Smithsonian/MOMA/whatever part of the archive between T17 and T23?"

8. Gaming

8.1 Pazaak tables

At the same time, efforts are done to modernize the code.


  • Upgrade code to PHP 8
  • Move most things from includes/ to Engines/ and Models/
  • Switch from global variables to dependency injection
  • Provide a service container


  • Isolate libraries
    • Stories -> hypership/story (D10)
    • SmartLine -> keruald/smartline
  • Unit tests for the extracted libraries


  • Break the monolith into services
    • New services
      • Procedural generation of the universe in Rust or Kotlin based on F71817
    • Services replacing part of Zed
      • Administrative registry to name bodies in the galaxy and tag them and record ships position (replaces geo_* tables) in Rust
      • Authentication of ships, people
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